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Wairarapa TV is a Freeview regional station broadcasting over Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Featherston and Martinborough in the Wairarapa valley on channel 41.

With a focus on promoting local tourism and events, the channel is shown in all good venue and accommodation providers in the Wairarapa so that visitors to the region can easily find out all the best things to do and see.

In addition to Tourism information, channel 41 broadcasts interesting local content including special features on some of the amazing international events held in this region and local sports broadcasts.

If you have content you would like broadcast, please drop us a line or see our services page.

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Wairarapa TV allows limited local advertising. Contact us to find out if your business qualifies to advertise.


 Tuning In

Tuning in to Wairarapa TV is easy.
You need a UHF aerial pointed at Popoiti hill (the big hill behind Carterton towards the coast) and either a Television set with a built in Freeview decoder or a Set top Box decoder.

Our Freeview channel number is 41.

Wairarapa TV is not broadcast over satellite so is only available in the Wairarapa using a UHF antenna. You will find the picture quality of all the other channels is also much better if you use a UHF aerial so it's worth the upgrade if you are still using an old Sky Dish. If you are outside the green area or are a Sky subscriber, you can download our free phone apps to stream Wairarapa TV live from anywhere.

You can find more information about tuning in from the freeview website below:


Coverage Map

Below is a map showing which areas of the Wairarapa will be able to pickup Wairarapa TV.


Installation Help

If you need help installing freeview terrestrial or would like someone to check if you will be able to get Wairarapa TV, we highly recommend contacting the team at Teletronics who can come to your house and sort it all out for you.

Local Content

We accept and broadcast local content that may be of interest to local viewers. If you have programming, a documentary or anything you think might be of interest to the viewers of the Wairarapa, please contact us.

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