Ad Production

Let us make a fantastic ad for your business or tourism venture and then broadcast it to the Wairarapa. We deliver your ad in a format perfect for uploading to YouTube so you can add it to your website and facebook to help promote your business. We can also make your ad available to Destination Wairarapa if you are a member for promotion outside the district and on their website.


Info Documentaries

Go the extra mile with an Info Documentary on your business, these are 10min to 30min long and are a bit like an infomercial for Tourism. This is a great and cost effective way of showing the world your products and is also suitable for use online and in social media campaigns.


Community Content

If you have a community project, school, band or other program you would like broadcast on Wairarapa TV, please contact us to discuss the options for getting your project on air.

Live Broadcasts

We can perform a Live Broadcast of your event and simulcast it to both Wairarapa TV and online through YouTube Live so the whole world can see it.

From Sports to Cooking demonstrations, we can live broadcast just about anything.