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The MoreFM local news show runs every hour on the hour bringing you the latest news and events from around the region.

Featuring Brent Gare from More FM Wairarapa on 89.5FM.

Wairarapa Times-Age Weather

Right after the news you will find our local weather update brought to you by the Wairarapa Times-Age and featuring a professionally presented 3D animated weather forecast for the whole Wellington region.

The Wairarapa Times-Age is a morning compact size newspaper publishing Monday to Saturday. Its the best local source of news and information for visitors and locals alike and can be found in all good supermarkets, dairies and service stations throughout the region.

lending services wairarapa property showcase

Brought to you by Rachel James from Lending Services Wairarapa. All the best properties for sale in the Wairarapa.

Wairarapa Property Showcase screens:

Everyday at 10am
Every Night at 10pm

Trust House Weather Camera Network

Our network of Weather Cameras are scattered throughout the Wairarapa and capture the conditions from Masterton to Castle Point so you always know what to expect if you are planning a trip.


People from all around our region share why they love living here.

I Love Wairarapa appears after the weather at the top of every hour and features a different person every hour.


This is your chance to get yourself on TV or to share a video of the Wairarapa with everyone else.

Download the Wairarapa TV phone app and submit your video by selecting the "You on TV" option.

You on TV videos can appear at anytime throughout the day.

Wairarapa Camera Club

Keep your eyes peeled for our regularly updated Wairarapa Camera Club segment. Featuring stunning images from around the district by the regions top amateur and professional photographers, the Camera Club segment is changed daily and runs regularly throughout the day.

Radio with some Pictures


Keep up to date with What’s Happening Around My Wairarapa! Join Hayley Gastmeier live each Friday from 8am to find out what community events and cool things are on near you. The show, which is kindly sponsored by Trust House, features interviews with neat people, music and weather. If you are involved in an event, or would like to be interviewed on the show, contact Hayley through the WHAM Wairarapa Facebook page.
Fridays @ 11am, 1pm, 5pm

Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal is a regular slot merging both business and music together in one hour long show.  Host Nikki King runs a Facebook group called Wairarapa Women in Business and will be inviting guests from this community such as women entrepreneurs into the studio to find out more about their business.

Mondays @ 12pm, 5pm, 11pm
Tuesdays @ 6pm

Utter Foot with Michael Utting

The safe hands of ex-All White, Michael Utting, will keep you in touch with everything about the beautiful game, both here and internationally. Chats with ex and current All Whites about their experiences in the game. In-depth interviews with coaches past and present about their career highlights and some of their lower moments as well.

Tuesdays @ 5pm, 8pm

Rotary Matters

An update on what Rotary is up to in your community.

Sundays @ 2pm
Mondays @ 1pm

Jazz Club

Alex Nyman brings a fresh and in depth look into Jazz from its beginnings to current trends in this vibrant and ever changing art form. With a wide ranging catalogue of music to choose from Alex will present a program that will take the listener on a journey of discovery. In depth live interviews with some of NZ’s finest musicians plus live links to guests from around the world. 

Thursdays @12pm, 5pm, 11pm

The Night Sky

Explore the wonders of our magnificent night sky. We discuss the latest news and discoveries from space and we also tell stories from antiquity - the myths and legends of the night sky that formed a cornerstone to the rise of civilization.

Tuesdays @ 2pm, Thursdays @ 7pm, Saturdays @ 8am

The Book Lovers Corner

is an idea that has sprung out of a group of like-minded friends’ discussions on books they were reading or had read. They wanted to share their love for reading and passion for books They developed a programme which aims to feature book reviews and updates on what is going on in the reading community both here in the Wairarapa and generally. They hope to inform, stimulate, and open doors to new discoveries and old favourites.
Tuesdays @ 7pm, Wednesdays @ 11am


The Road to Recovery & Freedom

The Road To Recovery & Freedom is part of my personal journey through mental depression, but also tracks my travels around New Zealand and various parts of the world. Each week I feature a story I have written about my travels and the thoughts they have provoked. I also speak of my progress along the road to recovery, hoping that my experiences and insights may help others suffering from depression. Tuesdays @ 9pm, Thursdays @9pm, Saturdays @ 9pm

Born to be Free

Our programme’s objective is to reach out to the community and further afield to encourage everyone into a new and free life, directed by and encompassing the love of Jesus Christ. We have had many interesting interviews with people from ministries around New Zealand and visiting ministries from overseas.

Sunday @ 6am

60's Nostalgia

60s Nostalgia is a trip down memory lane, as we take you through the music of the "Greatest Decade of Music". Over the years I've built up a large collection of music that you will enjoy. Normally you won't know what is coming up next (because I often don’t!) but this gives you a chance to request a favourite. Some weeks we have special themes. But every week we have great sixties music, so listen on in.

Mondays @ 9am, Thursdays @ 11am, Fridays @ 10pm

Jam Jar with Stefan Brown

Jam Jar seeks to inform listeners about the creative talent here in ‘The Raps'; not only musicians, but writers, painters, poets and dancers too. Every month Stefan interviews a guest to find out what makes them tick, their achievements and plans for the future. He also plays a variety of home-grown music, especially recordings of local artists. The programme also covers gigs, concerts and musical happenings.

Coming soon to Wairarapa TV 

ReCooper8 with Lucy Cooper

Featherston is by no means a big town - with just over 2000 residents, I’d describe it as 'bijou'. But when I moved here a few years ago, I was taken aback by just how many creative and talented people there were tucked away being quietly awesome in an impressive range of artistic disciplines. Being a bit of a nosey parker and something of a talker, I wanted to capture some of the stories of my clever, creative neighbours and so ReCooper8 was born.

Wai Reo

Our WaiReo show is a total immersion Te Reo Maori show including Maori Music content. Our presenters are teacher Matua Wake Matthews and the students form Te Wharekura o Wairarapa. Our students are young and vibrant. We aim to promote te reo Maori in the Wairarapa region and we also play only the greatest Maori music to ever hit the airwaves.

Saturdays @ 2pm, 6pm, Mondays @ 9pm, Tuesdays @ 9am

The Golden Shears

Wairarapa TV is the home of the Golden Shears. We regularly run all the heats, semi-finals and finals of all the best shearing events.