May Music Marathon 4th May 2019

May Music Marathon 4th May 2019

from 30.00

Registrations are now open.

The Property Law Service May Music Marathon will be broadcast live on Wairarapa TV and streamed live on the internet on the 4th of May 2019.

Each performer will get a copy of their performance in HD video, plus a copy of the mixed audio + the raw multi track audio that you can mix down yourself afterwards if you want.

Each performer will also get an allotment of Studio Audience tickets which you can sell to cover your cost.

Timeslots are extremely limited and will be in hot demand, so reserve your position as soon as you can.

Reserve this Slot

You will get to perform for up to 30 minutes, then there will be a couch interview after your performance that will also be broadcast for you to talk about what you are up to. If you have an existing music video, that will get played as well during the hour.

Due to broadcasting standards regulations, there will be two zones, the G zone where no swearing is allowed and an AO zone where its ok (within reason). There are 8 slots available in the G zone and 4 slots in the AO zone.

To make May Music Marathon accessible for as many performers as possible, the cost for each slot is slightly different so that bands that commit early can get a cheaper slot. The prime time slots also have more Studio Audience tickets so you can recoup your costs by selling these. The prime time slots are also slightly more expensive as these will have the highest numbers of viewers. The 8pm to 9pm slot is for the Headline Act which will be on a first in first served basis.

Where does your fee go?

The fee covers venue hire, lighting and camera equipment hire, broadcast airtime and broadcast licensing fees that we will have to pay to put this event on. Most of the people helping are all volunteers so please be super nice to them.

Why is it so Cheap?

We love local live music, now that King Street Live has closed, there are fewer opportunities to perform. We wanted to create something totally unique that nobody has ever done here before, make it cheap and accessible and give performers the chance to perform live on Telly, not something that everyone gets to do very often. As a bonus, you get a music video out of it. Just because its cheap doesn't mean its going to be crap, we have organised top of the line sound and video equipment to make sure this gig rocks. BY applying for a funding grant and getting a main sponsor, we have made it extremely cheap for performers to participate.

If all the slots fill up, will you extend it beyond 12 hours?

Maybe, but it's unlikely, the logistics and costs of putting on a 12 hour live broadcast are hard enough as it is without making it even longer. Its strictly first in first served, so if you miss out, you will have to wait for the next one.

Does that mean you will do it again?

Maybe, we'll see how knackered we are after this one. It all depends how well supported this one is.

How can I help?

Glad you asked! We are counting on a truckload of volunteers to make this work. If everyone was getting paid, this event would cost over $20,000 to put on, so we are depending on the good will and support of locals to make it happen. Fill in the volunteer form here to show your support for more things like this in the future.

What are the rules?

  • No BYO alcohol

  • Nobody under the age of 18 unless you are accompanied by an adult.

  • No drugs of any kind at all. If you are even suspected of possessing or being on any kind of drug, you're out.

  • This is Live TV so be sensible, we have a button that will cut the broadcast off if you do anything stupid. You will forfeit your slot and be banned from any future events. MMM is here to help you and to be a great learning experience, don't ruin it for everyone else by being an idiot.

  • The broadcasting standards act is reasonably strict, you can't swear in a G rated zone (before 8pm) as kids will likely be watching. We will cut you off if you do and you will forfeit your slot. Limited swearing is ok in the AO zone (after 8pm), but don't be a twat. If you wouldn't say it to your mum, then don't say it on TV as you will just look like an idiot. We would prefer to keep this a family show, so swearing in lyrics within reason is ok during AO. But if you sit down on the couch for your interview and start working your way through a list of the most offensive words you can think of, don't be surprised if your interview is cut short.

  • Treat the venue and equipment with respect, if anything dodgy goes down, we won't be able to do this ever again and we won't hesitate to name and shame the offenders. Don't be that guy.

  • Have fun, you may not ever get a chance to perform live on TV ever again, so make the most of it, its scary and exhilarating so enjoy every minute of it.