The I Love Wairarapa program is all about you and its your chance to star on Wairarapa TV.

All you have to do is video yourself using your phone, somewhere in the Wairarapa saying the words...

"My name is X and I Love the Wairarapa because...."
then up to 10 seconds to tell us why you love the Wairarapa.

Over the coming months we will be going out and asking people on the street to answer the same question and combined with viewer responses, #ILoveWairarapa clips will play randomly throughout the day on Wairarapa TV.

Be creative, be bold and get yourself on TV.

When you have made your recording, upload it to YouTube or Facebook and tag it with #ILoveWairarapa
To make sure we get it, fill in the form below as well.

Please remember that TV's are not vertical like phones, so to get the best picture, hold your phone sideways!!!!

Name *

By submitting your video, you agree to let us use it for any purpose including but not limited to playing it on TV and promoting it on the internet. Don't submit your video if you don't want to be famous.

The Rules

  • No swearing (or it will only get played at 3am)
  • No Alcohol or Drug use or references to it
  • No "In" jokes that might refer to an individual or group in a derogatory way
  • Have fun
  • Bonus points if you get someone famous in the shot with you
  • We reserve the right not to play any video if we think it is in any way dodgy