Accommodation Providers

Getting local accommodation providers on board with Wairarapa TV will be key to the success of the channel. It is our mission at Wairarapa TV to grow Tourism in the region, and we can't do that if visitors don't see all the great things to do here that will be running on the channel.

Our supporting accommodation partners are:

The single greatest thing you can do as an accommodation provider is to set Wairarapa TV to be the default TV channel in all your rooms. This means, as soon as visitors turn on their TV's they will be bombarded with a Wairarapa Theme.

You can order a free A4 flyer to go into your room information packs, simply fill out the form below and these will be couriered to you shortly before Wairarapa TV goes live in October.

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If you set Wairarapa TV to the default channel in your rooms, you are immediately elligable for considerable advertising discounts, please contact us to find out more.